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Re: Am I the only one enjoying the current era?

I don't think this era is as bad as some would like to make out. There has been some really good feuds with quality matches and we've seen some new talent elevated to the next level. The WWE are building for the future which can only be a good thing. One thing that does get to me somewhat is the limitations on certain aspects of the product. Like someone already mentioned in this thread, the firing of Danielson was absurd and I do think that the PG stance is holding back some potentially awesome storylines. With that said however, creative should be finding better ways to get around these limitations rather than doing the same things over and over.

I don't always enjoy WWE programming, but there is always something going on that interests me and makes me tune in every week, and there is enough happening to make me come here to talk about it. This era is by no means the best era, and there are some pretty noticeable flaws, but it doesn't deserve the amount of fucking retarded "PG SUCKS OMG TURN CENA HEEL WTF SWAGGER AS CHAMPION NARRRRGH" shit that gets directed towards it.
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