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Re: Best and Worst WWE/WWF Wrestling Video Games

^^SmackDown 3 was called Just Bring It

WWF No Mercy: I've had this game for ten years and I still play it to this day despite having next-generation systems. IMO, it is the Goldeneye of my wrestling games when it comes to playing it.

WCW Mayhem: Say what you want, I enjoyed this game

SmackDown: The original SmackDown was a great game IMO.

SmackDown 2: Like the first one, it was good, though one of the problems I had with it was that sometimes the AI would no-sell finishers.

SmackDown Shut Your Mouth: One of the first wrestling games I got on the PS2. I had a blast playing it and I still play it from time to time.

SmackDown Here Comes The Pain: No explanation needed, though I need another copy. I played the damn game so much that it wore out.

SmackDown vs Raw 2006
SmackDown vs Raw 2007
SmackDown vs Raw 2008: I really did enjoy this game, but the one problem was that the movesets were horribly limited.
SmackDown vs Raw 2010: Here is another game I enjoy. I really enjoy creating my own storylines etc. The RTWM mode in this game didn't suck. Allowing you to change the abilities of everyone on the game as you see fit is also a very nice touch due to it allowing you to choose which abilities you want to use as opposed to the ones you are given. Unlike SvR 2009, it keeps your stats as well.


SmackDown vs Raw: After how successful it's predecessor Here Comes The Pain was, you think that they would create another game that was as, if not, more epic than it. Well, this game just truly disappointed me.

SmackDown vs Raw 2008: Again, the limiting of movesets due to the fighting styles

SmackDown vs Raw 2009: Despite being the first SmackDown game that allowed you to create a finisher (The only thing I liked) and having more freedom to create a moveset to your heart's content, I hated this game and I still hate it. I mean, the Road To WrestleMania mode wasn't all that great. The only ones I could really enjoy were Jericho's and CM Punk's. All of the others really sucked. What really pissed me off was that it took forever to get the abilities that you wanted and every time you played a new Career, your stats would go back to default if you're playing as a CAW.

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