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Re: Vickie Guerrero-Most annoying character of all time?

Yeah just try to take away Vickie what she learned by being one great Character. I really don't like Christian, so from now on when he gets pops, it's pretty obvious he isn't really getting pops, that's just cause they feel sorry for him, yeah that makes me happy, that way i dont have to look at his overness and think something is wrong. Vikcie is great on cutting Promos, she knows exactly when to say what, and People go crazy, they hate her with passion, i really dont get the bad acting part, there isn't much acting involved. And i mean do you really think those People in the audience think "fuck this guy cant act, that's why i am gonna boo him" HELL NO, It's about what he does and what an ass she or he is. I really respect Vickie, People would kill to have that kind of Heat, i am sure Eddie is proud. But i have to say, i am not to fond on the Love relationship Storylines that she is involved i jsut always think, man this is the widow of Eddie Guerrero.

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