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Re: How is Morrison a Rockstar?

It's not really even a gimmick though. They say he's a 'rockstar' yet give him no attritubtes to tell us that. Ok, so he wears fur coats...ok? What else? Right now Morrison doesn't even have a gimmick.

It irritates me, because if they actually took time and let him have a characer that could maybe be compared to a Rockstar, that could be considered his gimmick. His gimmick right now is...being a babyface.

At least others have attritubtes to reaffirm their gimmicks:

Edge takes opportunities, making him the ultimate opportunist.
Undertaker dresses in black, talks about hell etc
Randy Orton slithers, hardly talks making him the 'silent assiasin' or 'viper'
Ted Jr pays people off, therefore making him the 'Fortunate son'
CM Punk has the SES and preaches straightedge making him the 'Straightedge savior'

Morrison hasn't got much to make his gimmick even make sense.

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