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Re: What is the biggest news story of 2010? (So Far)

It has to be Bryan Danielson being fired. We have a thread devoted just to him that's STILL running and has 5 thousand replies made to it, that pretty much says it all.

Bret Hart returning might have initially been the biggest story if you just want to take it at face value and say you never thought you'd see Bret return because of the problems he's had with Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels in the past, but Bret and Vince had slowly started working with each other for a long time now. Bret had already started to be promoted by WWE again, so that left the door open already. It's not like it came out of thin air. Plus, we already knew that he was not going to do anything meaningful in his comeback, and while it means something to fans of the past, it has no effect on this product.

Shawn Michaels retiring, to me, is not really news, it's just inevitability. Everybody has to retire at some point.

Obviously it's not something like Edge winning the Royal Rumble which everybody knew had a pretty strong chance of happening, it's not something like Undertaker's vegetative state storyline (LOL, please.), the majority of this list isn't even close.

The only ones that are really going to change, and have a fundamental impact on the WWE at its core are Danielson being fired and the actual Nexus angle itself. The only reason I'm gonna go with Danielson's firing right now is because, when he got fired, it killed a lot of people's interest in the Nexus angle and it killed (at least temporarily) a giant piece of WWE's future. Obviously the same public outburst wouldn't have happened with Darren Young or Skip Sheffield or Heath Slater or David Otunga...in fact that one would've been welcomed. Danielson was the most over guy in the group and the one guy in that stable who was thought by most people to be irreplacable, and they let him slip through their fingers because WWE told those 8 to go out there and create total havoc, they didn't tell them they had boundaries, Danielson crossed a boundary they never bothered to tell him existed, he tried to make the angle have the most impact it possibly could and he got fired for doing what he was told. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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