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Re: Am I the only one enjoying the current era?

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Okay WWE turned PG (again) somewhere in June of 2008. Now we've had some great feuds IMO. HBK vs Jericho, Orton vs HHH, Hardy vs Punk, Jericho vs Rey, Hardy vs Edge, Taker vs HBK and hell even Ziggler vs Rey. Great feuds with great matches as well. HHH vs Orton @ WM25 is obviously up for a debate. Then look at the factions we had. Legacy, Rated-Y2J (short lived but it looked so fricking promising), SES and of course Nexus.

So what's the problem with today's wrestling? I'm sure we can live without Divas getting called sluts, can we? We can live without Monster Trucks and funerals right? We can live without blood. After all this is not the first time WWE has banned blading. So is it something that I am missing?

IMO anyone bitching bout today's product and comparing it to previous years just has no life.. If you that much of perv and are complaining that Divas don't show us the puppies no more, that speaks how much of a loser you are. The internet is full of porn, get your puppies there...sick freak (sorry just had to steal a Rock line)

Yes I know the characters aren't there. There's no Rock, no Austin, no Mankind etc. But I'm sure that I can lay my head on a block that hen Austin and Rock were headlining WWE, old school fans were saying "Rock got nothing on Bret Hart". "Austin got nothing on Ric Flair" etc, etc, etc.
Originally Posted by Do Your Fcking Job View Post
So essentially anybody who disagrees with you and DARES to talk about previous eras, is a loser who has no life?

Yeah, you sound like a bit of an idiot to be quite honest.

Also, you quite clearly were not around if you thought people wanted Hart and Flair back when Austin and Rock headlined the WWE.

I don't know if this is a wind up attempt, but its a terrible post.

Must try harder.

Oh, and for the record, if you actually read this board you would have seen the reasons why these 'losers' and people with 'no lifes' moan about the current era, with generally good reason.

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