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Re: Vickie Guerrero-Most annoying character of all time?

Originally Posted by Bring Rocky Back View Post
I was just wonderign if anyone thinks there has ever been a more irritating character/general manager/disgrace to Eddy, whatever you want to call her than Vickie Guerrero I mean it got to the stage where I had to switch channels when she started talking and she ruined Edge for me (Im an Edge fan) cos I literally couldnt enjoy his promos for that period with her chirping in.
You are all kinds of wrong, I had this arguement with a friend of mine last week, he hates Vickie too. I think she is irritating, but in a great way. She is so good at getting heat, that Eddie would be proud of her for it!

You say she's a disgrace to Eddie? Well I have to 100% disagree, Eddie Guerrero was a 1st class fuck up for most of his life, so he left Vickie & his kids in not the best of financial states. So when Eddie died the WWE found a way to bring her in, so she could recieve a decent paycheck so she could look after herself and Eddie's kids.

Then once they started using her, SHOCK HORROR, she actually started to get over because idiot fans thought her earning a paycheck was disrepectful to Eddie. When in reality the fans were so selfish that if they couldn't have Eddie then they didn't want even his wife to get a rub off his name.

Now I'm an Eddie Guerrero fan, in the ring he was a fantastic athelte who was really entertaining, but that don't pay the bills. Vickie Guerrero is just earning a crust for her family so give the poor woman a break, she lost her husband ffs what else is she gunna do?

And as far as ruining Edge, I wouldn't go along with that. Edge f*cking Lita (almost) ruined Edge, but he came back from that and got pure hear from the Vickie angle (which crossed the line a bit imo, but that's not my place to judge).

Her 'chirping' is how she gets heat and (kayfabe) I couldn't wait till someone knocked her on her arse and got the payback for her constantly running her mouth.

At the end of the day if you think she's disrepecting Eddie in any way, ask yourself this..."What would Eddie think of what Vickie is doing" Personally, my opinion on that is that he'd be proud of what she is accomplishing. What better way to repesct Eddie's legacy than by raising his kids well?

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