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Re: That 1 Charcater You Hated But Everyone Else Loved

HHH. I hate him. Especially that pathetic overrated run in 2000 that his fans love harping about. They never give his opponents the credit they deserve for carrying his worthless ass during that. He owes his career to the Rock and Mick Foley. He always will. No matter how much time goes by.

Michael Cole. Never liked him. When he was crying and whining at the Royal Rumble 99 after the Rock punked Foley as if the Rock had raped his wife, he just became an annoyance I could never really respect.

Stephanie McMahon. I hope I never see her again.

Edge in 2005-2006. Extremely overrated. Was outperformed by Christian yet was pushed over him as if he was better. Then in 2006 it was evident that Lita was more over and his fans spinned it like he was the force behind it. Horrible.

John Morrison. Guy has fucking sucked for 7 years. While I was giving Melina credit, he was getting praised to no end. While I was praising Miz during the tag run after his failed ECW title run, the Net kept kissing his ass on and on. It's good to see that everyone now sees what I always knew..that he's boring, he's a spot worker, sounds stupid as fuck on the mic, and looks goofy wearing fur coats in the summer. Bury him...bury him deep.

Shawn Michaels. A guy who always gets more credit than his opponents. Is overrated on the mic in every form and pretty much had to come back in 2002 to create a more stable legacy because he wasn't good enough before then. I hope he stays true to his word and keeps his sorry ass in TX where he belongs.
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