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Re: Am I the only one enjoying the current era?

Personally I don't hate PG because i can't see sex, but what I hate is when things get too "real" people like Danielson get fired despite showing solid promise and a new level of excitement the WWE hasn't had with a new superstar in the individual field for awhile... Sheamus was good but Danielson had potential to be great. His feud with Michael Cole was going somewhere aweseome and when the Nexus came out and attacked the whole crew etc. he was the one who got my attention with everything he did. In 1997, he would have had a title shot feud within 2 months, but now because a kid cried that John Cena was beaten Danielson gets fired.

i get that choking is serious, but choking went on ALL the time before this PG era started. PG kills certain match types like Hell In A Cell, First Blood, Inferno Matches, Buried Alive Matches and others that were popular in the late 90s when I was watching as a kid and loving this stuff. I get that those probably shouldnt be on Cable TV but pay per views? The programs are so limited to whats going on. Cena has basically trademarked the boring weekly promos that start soft and get loud, its just bland. The Nexus angle was so hot when it debuted, but then they killed it because they started with the worst thing they could do in PG era... had this been attitude, their may have been an actual kidnapping or some serious storylines that involved some level of depth rather than beating the crap out of john cena one week only to come out the next week and see John Cena at 150% health and ready to whip some ass

its just frustrating that people believe the PG era is good for the WWE when it places so many limitations on what can and cannot be done, for example Cena cant ever turn heel and he can rarely lose the title, only when a the biggest storyline comes along will cena drop out of the title picture and pursue the main event story line (say what you will about titles but right now i dont give two shits about Sheamus and Randy Orton) None of this is Cena's fault but when you pander to the children about making a wrestler almost super human there are limitatitons
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