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Re: That 1 Charcater You Hated But Everyone Else Loved

Hulk Hogan- everyone loved this man, I couldn't stand him since the moment he told me to take my vitamins

Sheamus- I still have yet to see anything impressive about him

Ric Flair- ew. It depressing to me that people consider him one of the greats.

Triple H- he bores me... alot.

Rey Mysterio- He is completely lame.

Batista- He bores me, too. And his last heel turn when everyone was riding his dick, I didn't get it. He bored me even more then. I mean, making a 10 minute entrance then sitting on a chair in the ring for 20 minutes and not saying a damned thing was supposed to be entertaining? wtf?

Kurt Angle- The one and only time he was even slightly entertaining to me was in The Main Event Mafia gimmick

EDIT: I'm glad there seem to be a few other people with Ric Flair/Sheamus hate

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