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Re: Best places to go for pro-wrestling related articles?

Originally Posted by jack232 View Post
Being a relative newcomer to the IWC, I'm not really sure how to set about this. I can find up to date pro-wrestling news (i.e. rumours and hearsay) in a whole load of places, but I'm actually after something a little bit different. I've been looking about using Google for a while now, but am still yet to really come across what I'm looking for.

Basically, I'd like to find some kind of online blog or facility or archive or whatever which provides well-written, well thought-out columns or articles on pro wrestling past and present. Be it retrospectives on a particular feud or angle, profiles of wrestlers, or reviews of old shows and PPVs, I'd just like somewhere with a decent stock of material to get stuck in to on wrestling.

I'm posting this in the WWE section because I suppose it's the WWF/E that I'm most interested in, but really I'd be interested in stuff regarding almost any promotion and any period. If anyone could help out it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

I'd be glad to help you out, here's the ones I use personally:


Really there are many sites, these are really ones that cut the BS and just report facts (beside Meltzer and Alvarez from F4W)

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