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Re: Am I the only one enjoying the current era?

I thought last year was much better honestly. I'm like Pyro though, I only watch for my favorites. Most of the guys are cookie cutter FCW guys that give me no reason to care for them. I actually like Sheamus because he was unique, but I quit watching WWE this year after Batista left and the jobbed out Punk to Rey and Danielson left. I still TIVO Raw/SD/NXT, but hardly watch them.

I really enjoyed Heel Batista, Jericho earlier in the year, Miz before I realized he says the same shit over and over and his matches sucked, CM Punk and S.E.S til they put him in a mask, Nexus at the begining, but it got redundant to me, and now w.o HBK and an injured Triple H, I care even less.

They turned Edge into a fuckin retard saying SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR over and over again and I lost all respect for him. Christian is a terrible face IMO (great heel). I used to like MVP, but they turned him into a stereotypical black wrestler.

I started to enjoy face Orton and I think Cena has great psychology, but neither of those are enough to get me to tune in every week and care. Especially with Cena's character.. it's still hard for me to invest in his matches because he has become so bland.
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