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Re: That 1 Charcater You Loved But Everyone Else Hated

Originally Posted by philip3831 View Post
When I was younger I was into a lot of heels which I think is a little odd so I would say I had a pretty good eye for interesting characters.....however I always had an affinity for the Repo Man and the Berzerker. Still perplexed as to why.
Dude the Berzerker was awesome, he'd come to the ring, yell out huss, huss throughout the entire match. Beat dudes down, chop the crap out of them and then there was his finish which was just awesome. He's take guys and dump them out on the arena floor and take the count out win.

Plus I remember a time where he tried to empale the Undertaker with his Viking sword and the Undertaker moved at the last minute and the sword went right threw the ring, that was bad ass.

You know what? screw bringing back the attitude era let's bring back WWF 91, 92. It was still family friendly and the characters were alot more interesting.
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