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Re: Out of all the young stars of today who has the brightest future?

Wade Barrett
Jack Swagger
John Morrison
Drew McIntyre
Kofi Kingston
The Miz
Alex Riley

I'm going to focus my discussion more on the faces rather than the heels. I'm going to be the first one to defend Morrison in this thread because everybody has talked about Barrett and Sheamus a lot. The WWE has a lot of heels on the way there is no doubt about that and Swagger will definitely be turned face somewhere down the line because of his gimmick. Morrison isn't liked on here by too many but there are a few die-hards like me who I've seen around. The one problem that I think Morrison has always had is inconsistent booking. Last year Morrison more than proved he has enough skill in ring wise that he can hang here for a very long time. He has proven in the past that he can have exceptional matches in the ring, most notably with Punk, Rey, Jeff Hardy (you all will cringe), and recently his program with McIntyre. I have seen him get bashed on these boards till no end about how he can't generate a reaction or get "over" with the crowd. I know that is completely false because all I did was watch Smackdown last year and he was getting cheered like crazy. After his McIntyre program he was teamed up with Truth (like cmon seriously WTF) and it has only taken till recently but he is finally starting to get a good reaction on RAW after being around a few months since the draft. Morrison is a much better heel in my eyes but I think he isnt as bad as a face as everyone says he is. He has a ton of skill, LOTS of charisma, and has very solid mic ability, nothing that'll knock you out but he has shown to me since last year that when given a chance he can deliver. I feel like he is one of the prime candidates to get a push around Wrestlemania time because there is a lack of depth in potential Main Event faces and he has tremendous marketability. Everyone can bitch and complain about not hitting his moves but the truth is he has a very good skilled move set and if he incorporates the Moonlight Drive again I see BIG things in his future which most on here don't. He is also only 30 years old.

If you think Kofi is a lifetime mid carder than you are VERY sadly mistaken. I'd suggest you go back to November and December when the face pops he were getting were out of this world. He has a tremendous skillset and a high liking from the crowd. I remember when he was eliminated from the Royal Rumble people were actually BOOING because a lot of people wanted him to win so much and felt like he was ready. Kofi is in a very good position on Smackdown as he can grow and improve a lot for when he finally goes back to RAW. He is also only 28 years old so even if you don't see it this year they still can push him down the line, maybe as early as 2012? Regardless I see Kofi as a champ someday, and the fact that he's black helps his cause a lot more too.

After Cena and Orton (and i feel Cenas heel turn will be coming as soon as next year), the only real big babyfaces are Triple H (he could realistically turn heel too), Taker and Mysterio. While Cena and Orton are pretty much set in stone and well established, it is going to be very important for that next crop to come in and replace them. There are so many natural heels in this thread it is unbelievable. I know anybody can be a face at any time but I feel like many of those guys are just much more natural being built up to stardom in their current state. (I could see Miz and Swagger turning later in the future.) I see Morrison and Kofi both sliding through the cracks on these lists and I believe they may gain a lot more than what people in this thread are giving them credit for.
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