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Re: Which member of Nexus will have the better career?

Originally Posted by Cynic View Post

At first I thought all members not named Barrett were destined to be future endeavored, but I've come around on a few of them, and Tarver is at the top of the list. He not only appears to possess a solid foundation as far as the tools necessary to succeed are concerned, but he has one thing you can't manufacture: a presence. Granted, much of this has to do with the badass bandanna, which makes you wonder why no one else thought of that before.

As for the others:

- Gabriel: I'm going to reserve judgment because he looks intriguing and he hasn't had the chance to do much on his own yet. However, he has a lot of work to do to prove that he isn't a one trick pony like Bourne.

- Sheffield: Could be Batista Jr. at best, Snitsky Jr. at worst. Again, like Gabriel, it's hard to get a good read on him when he's always surrounded by the six other guys. Good look, good power skill set. He's trying on the mic, though he isn't very good yet. Would probably benefit from staying in some sort of stable even beyond Nexus' completion.

- Otunga: Has the look - which might be good enough for WWE - but other than that is awful. He is the prototypical WWE machine product. His wrestling is formulaic, and his promos sound like he's trying out for the high school improv team. Once Nexus is over he may challenge Morrison for the title of "worst guy getting pushed."

- Slater: No future. Doesn't have the look, doesn't have the tools. Nothing about him stands out. He'd need to be in a tag team to survive.

- Young: Same assessment as Slater, although I do think he could have a future as a Funaki-style jobber. He's proven he can take a beating effectively, which isn't to be underestimated.

I agree with this entire assesment. Allthough i would add that i dont really think Gabriel has to do much more atm to succeed. Guys like Hardy and Kofi have gotten majorly over and won numerous titles without even opening their mouths, and Gabriel has the in ring talent and the look to replicate this. Main eventing is a whole nother story though. But i see a solid mid card career in front of him without doing anything more than he does now.

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