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Re: Out of all the young stars of today who has the brightest future?

Wade Barrett-has a great future, he's good on the mic and is over already as a big heel. Apart from Tarver and maybe Justin Gabriel I don't see the rest of Nexus being around the heights they are right now as part of Nexus once the angle is over.


The Miz- Vince himself has said he's the future of Raw...and if Vince says so.........

Ted DiBiase- Yeah he's not that over at the minute, but IMO that's because there's a lot of other things going on Raw right now. so people aren't interested. He was good with Legacy, better than Rhodes. He's good in the ring and once he's been on the mic a bit more he'll get over.

Kofi Kingston- Purely because of his in ring ability. When he was feuding with Orton last year, he was brilliant and knocking on that glass ceiling....just a matter of time before he get there again.

and if the WWE do get him back and they he can control himself (and keep him away from ties and Roberts) then Bryan Danielson could have a great future as well. Unfortunately I don't think it will happen now.
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