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Re: Out of all the young stars of today who has the brightest future?

The young wrestler with the brightest future is without question Wade Barrett who i think will soon become to John Cena and Randy Orton what Triple H was to Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock back in between 1999 and 2001 which shows just how highly i rate Wade Barrett as Triple H back then in that period was without equal as a heel anywhere in the wrestling world, i believe that Wade Barrett was put alongside Chris Jericho in NXT for a very clear reason and that was that Vince McMahon knew that Chris Jericho is the best heel in the business today and was the perfect mentor for his next mega heel.

What i would like to see is for Triple H to work with Wade Barrett off screen to mentor him just a little more because as i said Triple H was one of the greatest heel's of all time especially in between 1999 and 2001 so Triple H could really help push Wade Barrett on that little bit quicker, eventually i would love to see Triple H work with Wade Barrett on screen as well in a similar role to how Ric Flair worked with Triple H as Ric Flair really took Triple H to another level in my opinion and maybe as an on screen alliance Triple H could do the same for Wade Barrett but i don't think Triple H is ready to slow his career down as much as Ric Flair was back then.

Outside of Wade Barrett i would say that there are a few who could go on to do some great things and what i have seen in the last few month's is that the younger generation have shown that the likes of Batista, Triple H, Kane and JBL won't be missed too much really although i do think that The Undertaker will leave a HUGE hole when he goes and Shawn Michaels retirement has really left a hole in terms of match quality on a regular basis as no one can turn it on whenever it was needed like Shawn Michaels always did.

I think that Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre will all go on to main event level within the next 18 months as Kane and The Undertaker are likely to be gone by then and those four have shown that given a bit more time they can make that step up. Sheamus is already there and the current WWE champion whilst The Miz is just getting ready for his main event start after winning Money in the Bank and then there is Jack Swagger who has already had one run and if CM Punk doesn't win the World title before Survivor Series then will most likely be the man to hold the title again.

I don't see John Morrison as a main event wrestler at all any more so i think that he will forever now be stuck in the mid card which is the same position that i see Dolph Ziggler, Joey Mercury and Evan Bourne in as well and also the rest of The Nexus. Of all of The Nexus outside of Wade Barrett i really think that Justin Gabriel go on to be a truly great mid card wrestler either as a face or a heel, of NXT season 2 i think that Joe Hennig, Kaval and Alex Riley will provide a good mid card scene alongside the afforementioned wrestlers above plus the likes of MVP, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Christian will most like still be around as well so the future looks good for WWE.
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