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Re: Wrestlemania matches that should have had different outcomes

Originally Posted by Vic Capri View Post
Hogan over Sid by pinfall - WM 8

Hart over Yokozuna - WM 9

Michaels over Diesel - WM 11

Rock over HHH, Foley, Show - WM 16

Booker over Hemsley - WM 19

Orton over Hemsley - WM 25

- Vic
All of these for sure. I would like to add Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 23. Shawn should have won the match, but I understand why they had Cena retain the belt...but I just find it interesting how they had both Triple H and HBK tap out to the STFU at back to back Wrestlemania's to let Cena retain his WWE Championship.

Blood. Urine. Vomit.
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