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Re: Most Overated / Underated Heel Turns ?

I can't think of an underrated Heel Turn, but Stone Cold Steve Austin's Heel Turn was DEFINITELY overrated, IMO.

In the beginning, it was really good. Austin was the Rattlesnake who had sold his soul to the devil. Bringing in Triple H to form the Power Trip I think helped solidify him as a heel, because Austin still got cheered at Wrestlemania 17. They beat the shit out of everybody. They were mean, sick sons of bitches.

That lasted about 2 months. After Triple H got injured, and Kurt Angle was brought in. Austin turned from a beer-swilling, finger-flipping, ass-kicker, into a whiny, needy, neurotic little bitch! He was like a little kid constantly seeking attention from Daddy.

Once the Invasion Angle started, Austin became the Rattlesnake again for a short time.

Unfortunately, he turned heel AGAIN by joining the Alliance, and it didn't make a lick of sense! Why the hell would the face of the WWF, the guy who made promo after promo stating how much he hates WCW join with them? It made no fucking sense.

Alliance Austin is also to blame for the "What" chant that has infected Pro Wrestling Audiences. It was funny at 1st, but it's almost 10 years later. Let it go.
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