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Re: Out of all the young stars of today who has the brightest future?

For some unfathomable reason, not one person has included Punk on their list - he's younger than Sheamus.
Punk is a 3 time WHC, so I guess people don't think to say he has a bright future when he's already done enough to get into the hall of fame. And yeah, Sheamus is a 2 time WWE champion too, but he's only been around a year.

The top spot goes to Sheamus or Barrett. They're going to be neck and neck for 1, the only reason I'm saying Sheamus edges out Barrett is because he's already won the title twice, but, on the flipside, it didn't take Barrett 5 months to be important, he was a main eventer his first day on Raw. We'll see where Barrett is in a year. Barrett is getting the biggest push in years, and he has a WWE title coming his way by the end of the year, or early next.

Miz, Swagger and Mcintyre are next. Swagger, because of his size is probably going to be ahead of Miz, althogh you never know with Miz's work ethic, which Vince has a boner for. Mcintyre isn't nearly as good as those 2, even though he's less irritating than Swagger because he doesn't have a lisp. -__- He has the least bright future of the bunch for the time being, but he'll still get 90 thousand WHC's by the time his career is over, since he's only 25.

Can't forget about Joe Hennig as well. He's invincible on NXT and is going to be the next guy to get a world title shot. I'd love to believe Alex Riley is up there as well, but I just don't. It's best to remain cynical when someone as good as Riley comes along.

1 - Sheamus/Barrett
2 - Swagger
3 - Miz
4 - Hennig
5 - Mcintyre

I've lost all belief that Ted Dibiase will ever be world champion. He CAN'T get over, I truly believe that. No matter what you throw his way, people throw it right back. Nobody is interested. Cody Rhodes is a maybe, but his gimmick isn't main event. Dolph Ziggler has no future, they obviously don't like him. Kofi Kingston will get a few title reigns as well, but he won't get a huge push like these other guys.

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