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Re: Out of all the young stars of today who has the brightest future?

Originally Posted by Ratedr4life View Post
I think this says it all, btw that's Jack Swagger in the back. Not gonna bother ranking them but I would put Sheamus first.

Great pic of Team Miz at last year's Survivor Series. That was truly The Team of the Future, although I don't think WWE is nearly as high on Dolph Ziggler as they are on the other four. If Ziggler ever makes it as a main-eventer, it will be a looong time from now. Those other four guys are guaranteed to all be big stars, I have no doubt about any of them.

Then there's Wade Barrett. Definitely destined for greatness.

On the babyface side of the equation, Kofi Kingston is definitely the most promising of any young face in the company. As was said in this thread earlier, he's exactly the kind of guy who shows up about once or twice a decade and gets the "boyhood dream" virginal world championship victory at a WrestleMania. Could happen as early for him as WrestleMania XXVII, honestly.

Evan Bourne will indeed be seen as one of the replacement figures for Rey Mysterio. Hunico in FCW will fulfill this need as well. Kaval, it's possible.

Alberto Del Rio is already 33 but if we're counting him, yes, he should do exceedingly well.

I also think WWE is higher on Zack Ryder than many believe. But he's going to be given a very, very gradual rise to the top. Likely to spend years in the midcard.

Justin Gabriel and Michael Tarver probably have great futures ahead of them as well.

Cody Rhodes should become something of a prominent midcard star. Ted DiBiase, the jury is still out in my honest opinion, but there's little doubt that one day WWE will get behind him more forcefully.

And, whether you love him or you despise him, I think one day Vince McMahon is going to wake up out of bed, be given a look at who's on which show at a certain point and say on a whim, "Dammit, why don't we push that Morrison kid who's been here forever?" WWE has not given up on him, despite how things may look at times.
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