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Royal Rumble 1997

So i just went through 96, which was a solid Year, and now i am in 97, i just watched the Rumble and would like to talk about it.

The first Match was Hunter Hearst Helmsley against Goldust, it was a halfway solid Match,never liked Goldust's style, he was very akward in the Ring, but it was okay 6.0/10.

The second Match was Faarooq Asad vs Ahmed Johnson, Match wasn't really good, after Ahmed returned from his Injury he seemed like he lsot his spark and his intensity, kinda sad, and Simmons was in WCW a force, in WWE? Not so much, he didn't like intimidating, but that was his role, but he was decent in the Ring. 4.0/10

Vader vs The Undertaker was next, i had kinda high expections, Taker and Vader were 2 good big man, who could go, but it was nothing there, a few nice spots and that was it. 6.3/10

Now came a 6 man Tag Team Match with 6 Mexican Wrestlers, 2 of them were pretty old, i thought fine now a little bit excitment a little Lucha Match, but this was without a shadow of a doubt the worst Lucha Match i EVER saw, the spots were botched, it looked more like dancing than Wrestling, they all made it very obvoius waiting for the Guy to do his Moves, and it was bassicly a spit in the face of Ring Psychologie, this was jsut horrible, there were 2 or 3 nicew Moves but man this was the farest from Wrestling that i have saw since Diesel vs Mabel, and that at least looked like they couldn't stand each other.

The Rumble came next, and it was a good one, the beginning was pretty bad, but the last 20-25 Mintis were exciting, it was really done great and i dont think anybody believed that Stone Cold would win, surely People were thinkign about Bret vs Shawn II at Mania, or Taker vs Sid, which became the Main Event, however, Stone Cold won. I really enjoyed the Match and really was into it, really wanted the Hitman to win, i didn't know before who won so it was great. 8.0/10

In any other Rumble, putting not the Rumble in the ME would be a mistake, but not in this Match, it was Shawn's Hometown and honestly, People were pretty quiet until the Rumble Match, and even than they were not as loud as with the WWF Title Match, Shawn was really over, Sid too, he got mixed reactions, well he was kinda of a Tweener. The Match itself was great, with a great atmosphere, Shawn bassicly got beat down 25 Minits and made his Comeback, which really did make for a good Match 8.0/10. All in all, i thought the Event was sucessfull, but everything befoe the Rumble will be forgotten like 1000's of other Matches. But i could say buy or Downlaod this, it's good.

What did you think of the Rumble 97?

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