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Re: Do You Think Miz Will Become WWE Champion?

Sure he will sometime in the future. He might do so in a couple of months, but I still don't see him as a main event superstar. I'm split on if he will successfully cash in the MITB for the title, it's probably more likely that he will. But at some point, somebody has got to lose their cash in match, and with more people doing it successfully, it makes me think that there's more chance of Miz losing his than anyone else so far. That's just how it goes though.

I think if he tries to cash in on Orton, he's probably going to lose. I really hope they give him an actual build to the title though, since I don't take him seriously as a main event guy right now. Maybe that could be fixed with a couple of months of him feuding with some of WWEs top faces.

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