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Re: Triple H and Undertaker- Currently the Two Biggest Legends

Originally Posted by just1988 View Post
I think with both of them being out at the moment has proved that the WWE wont suffer too much when HHH & Taker retire.
I agree with this. Just after Mania I was a little worried because HBK was gone, I knew Taker would be out for a while and I had a feeling Trips would be taking some time off too. The thought of WWE without these guys was a little scary lol. But over the past few months, I haven't stopped watching because they aren't on. I will always feel like Raw is just missing something without HBK and HHH and of course the gap Taker will leave on SD will be fucking huge considering it is 'his' show. But I have faith that the show will go on without them and will prosper too with Cena and now Orton at the helm.

As for their legacies, I don't think we are going to see anybody like either man ever again. The Undertaker is, well, he's the freakin' Undertaker lol. The WWE will NEVER have anybody like him again, never. He truly is one of a kind and is so respected by everybody involved in the wrestling business from his peers to the fans. He is 18-0 at Wrestlemania and his legacy is just plain darn awesome tbh. I'm not the biggest Undertaker fan but I will miss him because we will never see a character like him again.

Triple H will probably end up with 2 legacies - one for the 'WWE Universe' and another one for the smarks lol. To me (along with Taker) I think he's one of the greatest we've ever seen. His heel run from 99-01 is legendary and one can only imagine what we would be saying about him had he not got hurt in 01. Not that it would have had that much of an effect because his impact on the business is massive. Remove him from the last 10 years of WWE programming and there would be a serious hole. He has provided us with some of the greatest feuds, matches and moments of all time and he'll be sorely missed. The upside is that he will obviously have a backstage role. Maybe some day we will all be watching his vision of what he wants WWE to be. People talk shit about HHH, and Stephanie for that matter, but I think the future will be safe in their hands.

This has went on for WAY longer than I expected lol so I'm going to finish up here. Guys like Taker and HHH may not be on that absolute mega stardom level that Austin, Rock and Hogan are on but then again, there are only 3 people on that list and I think there only ever will be (with the exception of Cena but he's another thread all together lol). But, that should not be reason to take away from what they have done for the company. I'm not knocking on Austin or Rock, but they are off making movies while HHH and Taker are still there. That speaks volumes about their passion and dedication for what they do. To sum it all up, I think they are 2 of the greatest to have ever laced them up and I am so thankful that I have got to watch them in various different era's. Their legacies will be, and already are, massive and WWE is lucky to have them. All this is making me want Taker vs HHH to happen now lol. And for the hell of it, let's throw HBK in there as the ref. Book it!
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