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Re: So how would you react if john cena ended the taker streak?

The problem with ending the Streak to a young star is that they can just leave like Brock Lesnar did, take all that momentum with them, and now you've not only wasted a push, you've also tainted one of the biggest things in Undertaker's legacy for absolutely nothing.

If it was going to end, it would have to be to someone like John Cena, who is loyal and is not leaving, and has done enough that if he did leave, it would still mean something. I know he doesn't need it, but it's something that might be able to take him from just the face of the company to the Austin/Hogan level. It might even create a new era in the WWE.

I would still be angry with it, though. The Streak should never end, and I don't even care about Taker anymore but he's still one of my all time favourites and he still deserves it. I don't know how upset I'd be since it hasn't happened, but at this point I'd probably just facepalm and shake my head, wondering how WWE has gotten to such a point.

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