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Re: Create a new gimmick match

Lion's den match.
Much like Ken Shamrock's gimmick he had in WWE, but with a real lion.

Last man standing, machete on a polea match.
There is a machete on a pole, the grapplers need to get it down and then hack off the leg(s) of the opponent, so that they can't stand-up to answer the 10 count.

Money in the bank safe match.
This one is a stable effort. You put a group of wrestlers in an actual bank safe, lock them in and call the cops. The wrestlers need to figure out a way to get out or they're going to prison (which would lead to...)

Hell in a prison cell match
The losers of the mitb safe match will be placed into prison cells with lunatics and subjected to intense mental abuse from both the guards and the other inmates. The winner who manages to survive longest.

Build a scaffold match
To guys are given the parts to build a scaffold, the winner get to throw the other one off the scaffold when done.(although that will land him in jail and he'd end up in a hell in a prison cell match)

Work an ambulance match
x number of contestans are given ambulances, the winner is the guy to succesfully save as many people as possible that night (twist in this tail is that if the build a scaffold match had been on already they would fight for th right to treat the loser after his fall from the scaffold)

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