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Re: Why does wrestling get called white trash?

It is white trash because of a.) the carny aspect. it was basically started off by carnies, who booked fake fights unbeknownst to the patrons to take advantage of people. b.) the whole idea of it is stupid and insulting to peoples intelligence to have fake wrestling matches and bad acting by a bunch of dumb ex bouncers and Junior college football players. c.) a lot of white trash people LOVE wrestling. Not so much anymore since TV wrestling and WWE, but at its core, it is still a traveling carny show, much like those shitty carnivals with the gravitron and the giant slide/w burlap bags. high income areas have no time for that shit.

I don't consider myself white trash, but I definitely have some WT tendencies. I like wrestling, and I will have a couple funnel cakes at a carnival. I also have a masters degree, love art and play a lot of golf. It is all a matter of whether you have the balls to just enjoy stupid entertainment and tell people who look down their nose at you to go fuck themselves, it is a perception thing. A lot of wealthy, educated people put on an act to keep up appearances, and have way less fun than everyone else. believe me, in their hearts they would rather see flaming tables than be at the cocktail party in the country club's new rose garden.
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