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Excellent. The bar is so low we can step over it.
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Re: Why does wrestling get called white trash?

Was speaking to a friend the other day, he goes to one of the best universities in the UK so you can imagine his social environment. He asked me if wrestling was like the theatre. My response? Yeah, kind of; not quite pitched at the same class though. Wrestling is our theatre. Now, admittedly, having just got an English degree, the actual theatre is also my theatre, but you get my point.

Wrestling gets called white trash for the same reason that theatre is deemed as being solely for upper/upper-middle classes. While there's plenty of spread in terms of the type of people, the contrast between the loftier theatre and the simpler wrestling is still clear to see. And, besides, the theatre started out as being for the uneducated masses; it was simply adopted by the social higher ups afterwards, and now wrestling is there to fill that gap for us.
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