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Rewatching AE RAW for first time since I was a kid

From December 97 and at the moment I'm in March 98, just before Wrestlemania. I've just watched the March 2nd episode with Tyson joining DX and Undertaker returning, that might be the best episode of wrestling I've ever seen.

Anyone who says that Vince Russo is a bad wrestling TV writer must be insane. I'm sorry but come on now, this is such a better TV show than it is today it isn't even comparable.

Every single character has a story.

Everyone is getting a reaction from the stories.

Every single commercial break has a hook.

Each show ends with a cliffhanger or a reason to watch next week.

You never know whats going to happen next.

Characters are developing and everyone has a direction.

The flow of the show is brilliant.

The matches have fun finishes that extend the storyline and don't go on to long.

And the funny thing is that it hasn't even reached its peak yet. It's already better than anything I've seen in the last 10 years in WWE and it's not even 1999 yet. Why do people forget or ignore how good Russo was at his job in WWF? Forget WCW for a moment, forget David Arquette, 4 pole matches etc. Just look at the 150ish TV shows he wrote for WWF and tell me it isn't great TV.

I don't think there is another entertainment industry on the planet that would treat it's most successful writer so polarising. It's great TV guys.
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