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Does anyone else miss Tyson Kidd?

It always saddens me. The man was just beginning to reach his potential right before his neck injury. Imagine the amazing matches he could have had, like a WWE title series with AJ Styles on SmackDown. Hell, if I had it my way he would've been a great heel to end the streak. What do you guys think?

TOP 10

10: Kaz Hayashi
9: Scott Norton
8: Chris Kanyon
7: Sean O'Haire
6: Frank Gotch
5: George Hackenschmidt
4: Tom Cannon
3: Alexander Munro
2: The Great Kabuki
1: Dolph Ziggler/Nick Nemeth


5: Gotch vs Hackenschmidt on April 3rd, 1908 in Dexter Park
4: Gotch vs Hackenschmidt on September 4th, 1911 in Comiskey Park
3: Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi vs Tatsutoshi Goto and Michiyoshi Ohara
2: Gustav Fristensky vs. Josef Smejkal - 1913
1: Ziggler vs Punk - Royal Rumble 2012
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