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Re: Seth is done as a babyface, turn him heel asap

Originally Posted by RainmakerV2 View Post
He's so ridiculously unlikeable its hilarious. Comes off smarmy, arrogant, looks like a complete greaseball. Then we know the stories of how he treats fans outside the ring, his habit of sending dick pics to married women, dating a nazi (allegedly). Hes so overpushed its insane.

And it would be one thing if he had a cool character or attire, but no. Hes completely bland as bird shit. Just a guy. I will never, ever for the life of me, until they bury my ass in the ground, understand Vince and Hunters love affair with this guy, and no one has ever given me a solid explanation. Can one of his marks explain to me his appeal? I just do not underfuckingstand. Maybe since he likes nudes so much he has some of Steph he blackmails Hunter and Vince with. Fuck. I dont get it.
My working theory, for him AND Roman Reigns both, and the only thing that's ever made sense to me is, after Rock and Brock left, Vince got REALLY nervous about anybody else getting a huge push because they'd leave, so to counter this, Vince has given pushes to guys who have NO prospects. They cannot make it in Hollywood, they cannot make it in another wrestling promotion, they can only make it in WWE, under this system, and under his watchful eye. So therefore, Vince is willing to put them as the absolute top guys because they will never abandon him because they MUST remain loyal to him for their livelyhoods. The people who have the skills to pursue acting or other wrestling at a top level, we MUST minimize these people, so that when they leave, they have less of an impact on our business metrics falling, because we've hurt them so much that the drop off will be less severe, and they're less value to any potential competitors. This has been the cause of WWE's philosophy that the stars are not the stars, the brand is the star. He wants stars that the brand itself overshadows. This is where the genuine hatred of charisma comes from, there is where the genuine hatred of mic skills comes from, there is where the genuine hatred of characters comes from. He didn't ALWAYS hate these things, he used to actively seek them out. This is something he ACQUIRED, as an asset for himself. This is why everybody has to be a generic first name, last name, plain trunks, etc. We can no longer have Undertakers, and Rocks, and Triple H's, and CM Punks, and Edges, we must have generic first name, last name, unenthusiastic, boring milquetoast wrestlers with no options at the top.

This is genuinely the type of thing that Vince McMahon would believe in.

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