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Learning to break kayfabe
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Charly Caruso: Ladies, what are your thoughts on your matches tonight?

Omega Girl: Screw your question Charles! Why are we not surprised that the GM Stone Cold has ignored our request for a townhall meeting? Heís not good at his job, thatís why! Now heís thrown me into a damn gauntlet match and my girl Misty was suppose to have a 1 on 1 match for the Prestige Title but nope, sheís in a 3 way. Why is that? Itís a conspiracy thatís why! Sheís busted her ass this past month and in return she gets the odds stacked against her. He has time to come out in the opening segment and chug beer but no time to listen to his employees. We are sick of the treatment that we get around here.

Charly Caruso: Ok umm, Misty what do you have to say about that?

Misty Knight: Omega Girl, leave the room.

Omega Girl: Wait, what?

Misty Knight: Yeah leave the room, Charly you too, leave the room and give me the microphone. Center the camera on my face. Listen to my words very carefully. You people may not like my methods and you may not like me, but I train and work hard to have accomplished everything that I have so far in this business. I have already won every title that I can in PWA, Iíve reached legend status, Iíve won Money in the Bank, but I get nothing but disrespect when I walk out there on that ramp, get in that ring, and when I walk back to the locker room, I get disrespected by the authority figures. I get it, you donít want me as a champion, but Iím not talking right now to the people in the arena, the people at home, or the people in the back. Iím talking to myself, I know what I am capable of and I know that a woman scorned is the most dangerous being on this planet. Tonight, I will leave Omega Girl in the back so stack the deck against me, I will still leave as the Prestige Champion in spite of you all. I will dispose of Mercedes and Alexa, carry MY title out of the ring, and rule again as the 4-time Prestige Champion. So, feed me your boos, it will only make me stronger. Watch me do work!

1x Women's Champion
3x PWA Tag Team Champion
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