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Re: Adam Cole & Matt Riddle = STARS

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
He's not really wrong. They're on NXT performing in front of a very niche crowd. No matter how much people will talk up NXT, it's still developmental and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. When they hit the main roster is when we will see if they are true stars, but many NXT guys have flopped on the main roster. Anyone can get over in Full Sail and performing a bunch of flashy moves with no selling and psychology to get pops from the virgins in the crowd is not a true reflection of overness. It's a mockery of the wrestling business.
Saying they're literally the furthest thing from being stars is objectively, indefensibly wrong. It's silly hyperbole and it's not correct. Actually THINK about the sentence for half a second. Picture in your mind the worst least over wrestlers of all time.

If you don't like them and you do not think they'll be big stars on the main roster, fine. Express that. Explain why. Don't abuse the word literally and say stupid shit that you don't actually mean to say.
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