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Re: Adam Cole & Matt Riddle = STARS

Originally Posted by TD Stinger View Post
OK, I know people are just focusing on that one sequence in the match and using it to break down psychology and all that. And that's cool. But the main thing this thread is talking about are these guys being stars. And they are stars. And they'll be bigger stars in the future.

Some day in the future you could see a guy like Riddle going toe to toe with a guy like Lesnar and giving him a run for his money. Some day in the future you'll see Cole walk out on a big show and get a big pop for his catchphrase and cut a big promo. And you know they're both guys who if they were free agents tomorrow, they would both be pursued hard, especially Cole.

And by the way, going back to that one sequence, we're really gonna act like we don't see that stuff in every other major promotion right now? WWE, AEW, NXT, NJPW, ROH, they all have stuff like that go way outside the realms of a normal wrestling match. It's just for some reason, NXT is the one getting picked on for it right now, when it's been around for a long time, and they're hardly the only offenders.

And this isn't me talking about everyone. I'm not trying to make some blanket statement. You can like NXT and not like this match. But from what I see a lot on here, NXT gets a lot of the blame for this, and I just don't agree with that.
That's the norm nowadays, it definitely isn't exclusive to NXT. NXT just does it the best. It is the fans fault for never reacting to anything other than finishers and crazy high spots. If these same two guys put on a 5 star match filled with psychology, the crowd would be dead the entire time and people wouldn't rate it highly thanks to a dead crowd. People are incredibly in the tank for AEW right now. AEW could have put on that exact match move for move and everybody would be raving about it. But since NXT is under the WWE umbrella people want to show how cool and rebellious they are by basically loving everything AEW does and ignoring all of its obvious flaws.

Having said that, I liked AEW's first show a lot actually. I just don't understand why people have such a pack mentality all the time. If you like NXT it doesn't mean AEW is trash and if you like AEW it doesn't mean that NXT is all of a sudden trash. You see this crap with everything now. Conservative vs. Liberal, Xbox vs. Playstation, Sports team vs. Sports team, Car company vs. Car Company etc. etc. etc. It is never good enough for people to be a fan of something ,they have to dig in so hard that they have to destroy anything that even remotely competes with it. That first AEW show wasn't really all that different than a main roster WWE show if you really look at it. The only difference is it isn't stale and they still have the trust and interest of the live crowd.
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