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Re: The 2010's are nearly over, what will this decade be known for?

I don't know about historically, but for me personally probably just another wasted one like the 2000s were.

I've lived through several decades but actually living through them in real time was much less exciting than remembering them.

I guess you really don't like things until they're gone.

I'll probably remember this decade more for all the sports moments I cheered for than anything else.

The music this decade has been godawful btw. Makes me nostalgic for the Britney days even.

I also think there are too many superhero movies now and the insistence from fanboys on raising them to "high art" is absolutely ridiculous. And this coming from someone who was a huge comic book fan in the 80s and 90s.

Originally Posted by Rugrat View Post
In just 93 days, we will be back into the roaring 20's.

In the same way the 2000s were known for 9/11, Dubya, Blair, the Credit Crunch, the end of Turkey Twizzlers, swishey fringes, shutter shades, Beyonce, Avatar, The Dark Knight, John Cena, Facebook, Twitter, Wrestlingforum, MySpace and so on. What do you think the 10's will be known for?
Twitter became FAR more relevant in the 2010s than 2000s. In fact Twitter is without a doubt THE major social platform of this decade.

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