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Re: The Witcher 3

Originally Posted by bradatar View Post
Game is a lot of fun, but I'm with you on terribly built. I'm somewhere near level 20, but haven't played in almost a month because of the choppy movement, getting stuck in trees while on horse, etc. Just annoying. The storyline? Fucking amazing, but everything in between is such a hassle.
Id honestly like it ALOT more if it wasnt such a pain in the ass. Simply loading the game up is a chore in itself, you have to watch a long intro movie so it can load, then there is a massive load screen to load your save. It must take near ten minutes just to get into the game.

Its generally a really nice game to be in, the map feels lived in, the characters are interesting, its just so badly put together. its good moments are spoiled by the negatives too many times. Big problem is is that the game is very hard anyway, took me ages to get the hang of sword fighting and firing bows, then you are constantly fighting the game engine because its so unstable.

I just can't bring myself to start that game over again, its a slow process and I cant deal with the glitches. I hoped they would patch it over time but maybe the developers just arnt skilled enough. The game is still generally a broken mess. It can be funny to start with, then it just gets annoying and laborious.

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