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Re: What does WF think of RE4 and RE2 REmake?

Originally Posted by Blissed Phenomenon View Post
They messed up with the Zapping system indeed
Well, the zapping doesn't work here at all, true. But let's not pretend the original did a great or even good job with it, too. The game still didn't make sense if you put A+B together. Same puzzles, same keys, same items. The only time it really worked for items was when you could get a gun or a hip pouch, and it would disappear for the second character. Also they had nice little things like blocked windows at B (if you block them at A), train had to be moved to your location in B, and ... um, I think that's pretty much it? Not nearly enough.

In REmake2 they didn't do zapping at all, and I think it's because they wanted one full scenario at first, but half-way through the development, they understood they'd fuck it up for fans and they still did A and B, but they half-assed it. They did it like RE1 basically, it's alternate timelines. But I liked that Leon and Claire had different locations for a bit. But that, of course, was also not enough to make a real difference, though.

They could have also given us an option to change the camera to fixed too.
There's a couple of vids on Youtube where someone changed the camera to fixed, and honestly it looks like shit. I wanted fixed camera by the way, but as soon as I've started playing, I forgot about that pretty quick. Over the shoulder works fine. It only sucks when you fight bosses and can't see them all the time, but you can use the quick turn.

Originally Posted by troyag93 View Post
Music wasn't there, In the original the music was everywhere. In the Remake the music plays for 5 seconds.
True, but I think people were ragging too much on it. The music is still great, and I think it works for the game. It intensifies with the enemy appearance and is basically telling you that shit is about to go down, I honestly love that change. BUT, there was NO excuse not to put Save Room music out there for a longer time. It plays like 5 seconds, that's def a negative. Also Main Hall music could be longer once you enter the RPD for the 1st time. Stuff like that. But generally, this change adds a lot to the suspense for this horror type game.

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