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Originally Posted by The Wood View Post
Great number and they introduced some great acts. They built to plenty. On USA they established a contender and a Women’s Title match, an interesting act in Cameron Grimes and did a title change and presented a villainous unit that holds all the gold.

On the Network they set up WALTER vs. KUSHIDA, Lio Rush challenging for the Cruiserweight Title and basically did the Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl. How the fuck is that indy? There were no jokes, no silly gimmicks (maybe some underdeveloped ones), a variety of matches and lots of people I want to see more of. Especially fucking WALTER, Matt Riddle and Velveteen Dream.

If the numbers are lower next week, it will be sad and proof that they didn’t really hit a nerve like I thought they would, but I expect them to be slightly up.
It's indy wrestling because there were no promos, no characters besides Dream, no storylines and no motivations for anything that happened, it's just wrestling and since 99% of the roster comes from the indies how's it any different than one of the serious indies like Evolve?

If you were a casual watching NXT for the first time did you get to know anybody on the show? We learned that the ring is sacred for Walter and Imperium and that was about it. Did you see the AOP vignettes this week? They spent 1 minute of tv time and told who they are, what they've done, why they've been gone and what they plan on doing, if you haven't been watching NXT you don't know that stuff about literally anybody on the show. How are new viewers supposed to get invested in anybody? It's not like anybody in NXT has an amazing look, presence and charisma that will immediately capture somebody's interest.

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