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Originally Posted by Kratosx23 View Post
I feel like I have to point this out every week. Listen to me carefully.

They are not the same fans.

Do you understand me? They're not the same people. When somebody that you don't like gets a push, you start complaining about them, because you don't want them getting a push. You did not hear these people as much at the beginning, because Kofi hadn't done anything yet. Once he won the title, people started loudly opposing it, and the longer it went, the louder the opposition got.

I can point you to specific examples of people like Clique who are Kofi fans, and they're still Kofi fans, and they still support this reign. I, on the other hand, opposed Kofi from the MOMENT that he got this push. People who know me will attest to this, I was NOT on the Kofi bandwagon. I'm still not. This is pure fantasy.
I get that however wwe youtube comments were flooded with "kofi go to aew" "kofi deserves better" where are all these haters coming from ?
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