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Originally Posted by OldPsychology View Post
They need to beat NXT to be seen as competitive to WWE, they can't lose to developmental.

They need to cater to casuals, to the 10 million people which is the least of the total Market and not cater to a niche fanatic market that's capped at 1.5 million people which WWE is catering to, of which will never stop watching as long as the term "wrestling" is in the name.
By doing what.

Outline a plan of action that would result in AEW or WWE indeed getting 10 million watching in 2019 on cable.

That's not far off how many watched the college championship basketball game on TBS in 2018 which is just a tiny bit more popular than wrestling and gets just a bit more media coverage and marketing..when I say a bit I mean light-years more

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