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Originally Posted by GuntherDaBrave View Post
Originally Posted by gillbergisback View Post
Today is a bit different but back then you're not going anywhere unless you got support from Vince, or a top guy/ exec. In Austin's case he had Ross, Russo but most importantly Bret wanted to work with him. You're right about Rock walking in as a top prospect in Vince's mind and no one should think Rock was Terry Taylor but the point is WWF under booked him to his popularity. You don't increase your status by chasing. Maybe in WCW but WWE is face oriented and always has been. When HHH was up to be the guy he ran thru the Rumble, ran over Angle and Jericho. That's how WWE books. It didn't work because it was HHH but that's besides the point.

Rock never got Hogan booking btw. Facing Hogan isn't Hogan booking.
I never said anything about facing Hogan. I'm talking about Rock's run in 96-97 when he won his debut match on PPV and the IC title 3 months after that. He was protected against all the top guys because they were trying to run with him as a second Hogan but fans weren't having it. I still don't think they underbooked him at his peak because when you think about it, Rock did it all by the end of 99. He won 3 titles in the span of 5 months and all his major storylines with Mankind and Austin were over, ending with a headline at WM15. The only thing left was to have him win the big one at WM16, which did have politics involved so that would be the only misstep. Other than that though, where do you really go? The guy got the most TV and promo time out of anyone not named HHH and that's what got him over to begin with so I can't buy all the "he wasn't booked properly" talk. Wins/losses stop mattering when you're given the spotlight to go carte blanche like Rock.
Ok, I did think you had to be talking later in Rock's career because your current point misses who Hogan was. Hogan booking is superman booking. Clean cut babyface overcoming the odds to squash the opponent. The problem with applying that to Rocky Maivia is he won his matches with sunsets flips and rollups. Fluke wins. So to say he was being tried out as the new Hogan to me is way too big of a stretch. Roman got some superman booking. Rock didn't.

As for the rest wins/ time with the belt/ main events determine your status in the WWE not tv time. Austin didn't say I'll job to Lesnar but can you add a few minutes to my promo tonight. I feel that's a bit lacking right now.

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