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Re: I seriosuly don't get this Cedric push

Originally Posted by Ninja Hedgehog View Post
So, no answer then? Cool.

The writing for EVERYONE has been shit for years. This hasn't stopped other people from being entertaining.
No, there was definitely an answer, you just actually had to absorb the words and peer between the letters a little bit.

And yes, quite frankly, it has stopped a great number of people from being entertaining. Jon Moxley immediately springs to mind, but you and I both know how many people have been held back by WWE's poor creative.

If the bar for those worthy of a mid-card push is now "got over in spite of bad writing," or in Cedric's case, "got over in spite of never having a real story, substantial promo segment, or even marquee match," I think you may as well just declare everyone unworthy. Very, very few people have managed it in the last decade, and I can't believe I even have to type that.

And I still disagree with the core indictment, because I like Cedric and find him very entertaining.

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