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re: Which females on the main roster can hang with the 4HW in terms of in-ring ability?

Kairi Sane hasn't even had a chance yet, but if she did, she's well within her capabilities to be able to beat any 4 of them, if not take them for a broadway on her best night. Kairi has faced a crapload of tough women and there's no quit in her. A match with her against any one of them, but particularly Sasha or Becky, would be absolutely electric.

Ember gets squashed and injured a lot but at 100% she has always had the tools to hang with them. There's always this cloud of doubt with her though that's unfortunately become her reputation.

Even Naomi, while generally thought of as a job gal and for some even a joke nowadays, is still not to be underestimated. Rip on her all you want. You actually got to work to beat her She's never been a pushover. She takes herself seriously and has a sudden game-changer in her finishing hold that nobody wants to be placed in.

Oh, and obviously Asuka...

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I could be wrong here but I feel also if given a push Sarah Logan can give us good if not great matches. The reason im saying this is im basing this off one match yep thats right one match.
Sarah is definitely one of the most underrated and sadly overlooked women on the roster. I've seen what she can do even back in her RoH days and she's got far more heart and endurance than WWE lets people see from her. She carried Liv, to be honest, and I'm not trying to hate on Liv but I can't say I favor the fact that Liv gets more recognized than Sarah does.


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