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Re: Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

Stone Cold has been retired in 16 years at this point, so a random yearly appearance or two by him will not boost the ratings at all. We all know he's not gonna wrestle but just cut a promo full of "WHAT?" and then give someone the stunner, a scenario we've seen a billion of times since like 2004. The Rock successfully crossed over into an extremely successful actor, so his appearances on weekly shows and PPVs made casuals tune in, plus he can still go in the ring if needed to, unlike Austin who's done.

Anyway, people have been calling pro wrestling dead since the fall of WCW and ECW. At least now we have AEW, which has a lot of potential. It's not like we're in 2013 anymore where WWE is pretty much the only game in town. Hell, even months before AEW came in to existence, I made a thread here asking if we'd ever see a WCW sized company take on WWE again and the overwhelming majority of people said no... yet all it took was one rich guy to change the business. So I'd not call pro wrestling dead.
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