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Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.

So, WWE in 2019 has lowest rating and viewership of all time. the rating are all time down. no star powers, no story, no exciting match. even Stone cold Steve Austin couldnot bring good rating to RAW and he is biggest star in WWE along with The Rock.

Even 2009 was not that bad and 2007 was attitude era level of good compare to crap now. we had John cena, CM punk, Orton, Batista, Edge etc are all bigger stars than Seth rollins, Roman reigns and AJ styles let alone guys like Rock, Austin, Undertaker, Mankind. Only Good talent today is Fiend and thats it.

but some say AEW is future and will Kill WWE and it would be like old WWF or WCW so i decide to watch AEW, when I watched first PPV, i was like who are these guys? all i have seen some bland indy flip flop guys, some guys wear some wierd mask and i realize that its just another glorified indy show. apart from Jericho and Mox. AEW is full of jobbers and unknown people.

then i realize Wrestling is just dead. not just WWE. AEW is also another indy fed show. even WWE at its worst have better roster than them.
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