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Re: Sasha Banks returns. Attacks Becky Lynch in steel chair assault.

Originally Posted by Arktik View Post
She has had 8 *** or higher matches from Meltzer since that time and that is without getting basically any featured matches. She has only had one singles PPV match in the past two years against Ronda Rousey which was rated *** 3/4, so you are just full of shit.
My bad I Should have precised, single matches. How many since then? and please Don't give me Meltzer BS. Give me your perception/ general reviews from different sites AND Meltzer if you want. I have Asuka vs Sasha from RAW as well close to ***1/4-***1/2 and you don't see it rated on Meltzer's retarded system.

how many of those 8 matches were single matches dude? I'm guessing besides the Ronda match, there's probably the first Alexa match in there.

Originally Posted by sara sad View Post
Sasha vs Ronda was at least 4 stars and it was this year.

And that was Sasha's only 1-1 title match since 2017. give her half the chances Becky has got this past year and she would be having 4 star matches left and right.
I love this argument and it feels very nostalgic.

But No, I will not give you this to be honest. I forgot about Ronda/Sasha though, yeah that was a great match, ***3/4-****. I thought Asuka/Becky was slightly better, most wrestling review sites also did (by a small margin), but it's not worth it to be debating match qualities if the difference is that small cause we'll never agree.

Give Sasha half the opportunities Becky got? As if Becky didn't deliver?

Like Becky vs Charlotte LWS which was almost 5 stars? Asuka vs Charlotte vs Becky which was just as good? Asuka vs Becky Rumble which was another 4 star match?

and How about THOSE OPPORTUNITIES Becky got to have great matches after that time period? like 2 month where she had to walk around with crutches? yeah great chances right? how about the fact she had to carry Lacey Evans in 3 PPV matches in a row... Do you really believe Sasha was gona get **** against Lacey? are you serious? like Charlotte did? Becky did against Lacey much better than what Charlotte or Asuka did against Carmella a year prior.

Becky vs Natalya was also a strong ***3/4 caliber match, many calling it the best of Nattie's career, and it was definitely her best one on the main roster (her only other 2 matches I would ever watch again are vs Charlotte in NXT and vs Del Rey in SHIMMER).

Sasha and Alicia Fox had actually a feud in 2017 and then went 10+min on a Pre-show PPV that was a ** "borefest".

The fact is some people like to pretend that Becky is the weak one in the 4 HW is a false narrative when at one point all people could say "Becky can only wrestle but doesn't have a character".. what a change of perspective.. now it's like the other 3 are 8+ while Becky is like a 6.. when they are all VERY CLEARLY in the same league as each other.

Sasha's best matches are all still in NXT where they practice the matches a lot. I used to wish for Becky to have stayed in NXT and gotten the many 1 on 1 big match TO matches like the other 3 (She had 1 match compared to at least 4+ for the others) did which gave them the perception to be better for the longest time. Not anymore of course since she started slapping heads last year and taking the opportunities and nailing them.

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