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Re: What is it about AJ Styles matches that are not clicking when should be huge matches

Originally Posted by I AM Glacier View Post
On paper Ricochet and AJ was a dream match for me.Taking out Ricochet's leg made perfect sense kayfabe wise, but it was a super disappointing decision.It really handicapped the coolest story they could have told, old school flyer vs new school flyer. I think weird decisions like that have made some of his spotlight matches underwhelming as hell... which I can admit as an enormous AJ Styles mark.
IDK if that's WWE, the match's agent or AJ himself making these calls, but stop it.
That's not even a weird decision, that's got to be 90+ percent of every WWE match where somebody can fly, they make somebody come into the match injured which makes all the high flying feel phony, or they have one of the wrestlers work the bejeezus out of somebody's knees, calves and ankles, do like, 25 things to somebody's legs at a point in the match, then it slows the match down, and you came to see the wrestler fly around anyhow so he's still going to get all his shit in while wincing and grimacing, so now the match is super phony.

Show me one WWE PPV match where two high flyers rip it up full bore for 15 minutes with the story being one quick cat was a bit quicker than the other, Quick Draw McGraw was the fastest gunslinger in the West that night, and I'll show you at least 10 WWE house style "work the X" BS matches that go 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40+ minutes to feel "epic."


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