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Re: What is it about AJ Styles matches that are not clicking when should be huge matches

Originally Posted by Piehound View Post
Here is the thing...

Wrestling is ultimately storytelling. The match is 1 part of the story. The other parts are the angle, how its booked, the promo's around it, etc. Wresting is at its best and most memorable when all of those things work together to tell a story the fans connect with and care about.

For better or worse, modern WWE usually makes a mess of the angles, booking and promos. That just leaves the match.
One of the issues with many of the matches in the WWE is that while the work-rate is excellent they come across as a buncha moves strung together rather than a story being told.

Yup. And that’s really the biggest problem with WWE as a whole nowadays: It just seems too choreographed. Gotta get those spots in. Pair that with the bad booking and it just feels like matches are just punched into a computer and simulated. Boring.

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