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Re: Is it time to admit that Rollins sucks in the ring?

Originally Posted by Eva MaRIHyse View Post
It baffles me really. Like the only thing this guy can do is ringwork, thats the only string to his bow; workrate. He sure as hell cant cut a promo, or work a character. He has no charisma or personality. But his ringwork is pretty well respected, yet he no sells everything. And not in a Brock/Hogan way, in a he's too stupid and all he can do is dumb spots way. Rollins is the sort of guy who will never let ring psychology or selling get in the way of trying to make the fans go "ooooohhhhhh".

For a guy who is meant to be this amazing in ring talent, for a guy who literally all he brings to the table is workrate, his workrate sucks. There's no point doing all these moves and shit if you cant sell anything or display any kind of ring psychology. How this guy has got to the spot he's in astounds me, he's either sucking some dick backstage or he has pictures of someone sucking dick because even the McMahons aren't this dumb to try and pretend this no talent bum is FOTC material.

Damn. This is so accurate it hurts

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