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Re: Rank These Three Women's Star Power And Contributions To WWE


Sable's at the top because of her contributions (alongside Chyna) in the late 90's to show that women can be badass.

Ronda is at the bottom because she 100% destroyed the women's revolution and any momentum any other woman was gaining. We had years of development in the women to where it was finally becoming entertaining and wasn't an opportunity to go for a piss break and WWE were making a conscious effort to make the fans invested in the brilliant talent that was hiding behind shite booking all along.

Until someone with zero wrestling experience came in, took the spotlight from the first ever women's rumble winner, squashed everybody, made little to no effort to protect the people she was working with (go back and watch how she mauled Alexa), and because of popularity she'd gained elsewhere, wormed her way into an historic, one-time deal - women main eventing Mania.

Women will never close another Mania and out of all the fantastic women in WWE, Ronda took that spot. I'm sure many will disagree with me, but I don't see why I should give a fuck about Ronda. WWE don't give a fuck about UFC, so why should I, as a viewer, care what she's done elsewhere? She had done nothing of merit in WWE and got a rocket up her ass to top of the card.

If WWE want me to watch their product and become invested in their stars over the course of 'x' amount of years worth of build, surely fans/viewers can't be expected to say nothing when all that is thrown aside for someone who is essentially a celebrity?
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